Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

Have you ever watched The Office and wonder what Michael Scott does during the day that is productive?  It seems like all he does is interrupt his employees and call meetings, which are both big time wasters.  Unfortunately a lot of real offices and real managers act the same way.  Quality work doesn’t really get done at the office.

I just watched Jason Fried, the co-founder of 37signals, give a great talk on this very topic of productivity in the office.  Here is the video:

Jason gives three great ideas at the conclusion of his talk on how the office and managers can be more productive.

1.  No Talk Thursday

Take a day, even just once a month, that is “No Talk Thursday” and watch how much creative, productive work is done.  So much time is wasted in an office with chatter that is unproductive.

2.  Move from Active Communication to Passive Communication

So much of what is covered in meetings can actually be communicated by email. In most organizations, if we think critically and outside the box, meetings can quickly be cut in half.  Most organizations could probably do 15% of the meetings they currently have and gain tons of productivity.  With less meetings, managers actually have to work on something and employees aren’t interrupted from doing work.

3.  Cancel a Meeting

I love this one.  Just cancel a meeting and see what happens.  Everything will be fine.


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