The Tragedy of Don Draper

Hillary and I are late to the “Mad Men” bandwagon and are now part of the way through season one.  For those of you who have not seen “Mad Men” on AMC, it tells the story of Don Draper, an ad man from the 1960’s.  Don Draper is a very complex and tragic character who is constantly wrestling with his inner demons. For whatever reason, in the first season he is not honest with his wife and lives a dual life.

How many married men and women are living in tormented silence because they are scared to open up to their spouse? How many feel that they cannot be honest with their struggles for fear that it will end the relationship? It is hard to share the deepest parts of our souls with our spouses but the benefits are enormous. It is only when we truly know each other and our struggles that we can fully love unconditionally.

Hillary and I have been very honest with each other about our struggles since early on in our marriage. Honesty and dealing with the truth has definitely been hard but the unconditional love that we experience after we share our struggles is amazing.  The first step toward honesty is the toughest part.


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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