Thanksgiving Tree

As we look toward the holidays, Hillary and I really hope that our girls will have a grateful, giving spirit instead of focusing on what they want for Christmas.  But how do we take active steps to see this happen?

Hillary found a great idea in the newest MOPS magazine (look for the activity labeled “blessings tree”).  MOPS calls it a “blessings tree” but we called it a Thanksgiving Tree.  You can see a picture of our Thanksgiving Tree above.  Each girl takes a leaf and writes on the leaf what they are thankful for.  Then we hang the leaf on the tree as a visible reminder of what they are thankful for.

We explained to our girls that this month we are focusing on being thankful.  We asked them what being thankful means and explained that the opposite of being thankful can be whining (which our girls tend to do quite a bit).  We also showed them a video of kids in the U.S. that don’t have enough to eat so they could see what other kids live without.  The weekend before Thanksgiving we will be joining other families in our church for our annual Thanksgiving Basket Drive.  Our hope is that as we deliver the basket to the family’s home that our girls will realize that there are kids who live in poverty and we can do something to help them out.  We also hope that this experience will help them focus on giving instead of getting stuff this Christmas.


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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