Fighting is Fun

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It is relatively easy to stand up and passionately rant against those who you disagree with.  Everyone loves a fight.  Why do you think Fox News has more viewers than the calm and subdued PBS news programs? It is much harder to listen to the other side, find common ground and work together for a solution. It all starts with admitting that our answers might not be right and the person on the other side might have wisdom, insight and experiences that we don’t have.  A true leader can build a coalition of people who would normally fight but who are motivated by the leader’s vision for tomorrow. I believe that this is needed in our current political climate but also in our churches today. In two years I will vote for the party that convinces me that they can work together across the aisle and gives me a realistic, exciting vision for the world my kids will grow up in.


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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