Anna’s Teenager Moment

I knew it was coming.  The moment Hillary and I knew that Anna was growing up quicker than we would like.  Yesterday our kindergarten daughter Anna had a teenage moment after school.

I picked Anna up after school and she exploded in conversation about her daddy taking her out to McDonalds.  Those are the moments as a dad of a daughter that I just let her go in conversation.  There is no interrupting her.  As we drove away from school, she told me that she was “crushed” over her relationship with a boy named Connor.  Anna has a way of misusing words she has learned so I knew it wasn’t that she was “crushed,” as in distraught over something bad that happened. She was talking about the boy in her class that she had a crush on. Then she went off about how she doesn’t want him to be her boyfriend or kiss him but that Connor is her crush.

Then when we got home Anna was not ready to come down from her teenage relationship realizations and hangout with her little sister.  I tried to get involved but Anna told me, “Daddy! You’re ruining my life!”  Then she stormed off to her room and shut the door.  She cranked her music and said she needed some alone time.  Hillary and I almost cracked up laughing because at that moment we got a glimpse of Anna Newton, the teenager.  It was a little freaky!

So why am I telling you this on a Saturday morning?  There are times, many of them recently with our daughter now in school, where Hillary and I realize our daughter is growing up.  We can’t do much to slow down this natural growth process. I wish Norah could stay at her exact size and age but she will grow up too. I’m realizing my role as a parent is to live in the moment with my kids.  It is easy to forecast and worry about what Anna will be like as a teenager.  My role is just to walk alongside and offer support and wisdom for the experiences they are having right now.  This is easier said than done.

On a side note, Anna said she is no longer crushed this morning.  I asked her why and she couldn’t explain.  She said Connor is just her friend now.


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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  1. Made me smile!

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