Right, Wrong and the Mind

When we look back at our past and remember the mistakes of our youth, what do we concentrate on?  How do we view our morality in the present?  New research has shown some interesting trends in how we view our past indiscretions and our current morality.  We believe that our story is one of redemption.  Our moral indiscretions are in the past and now we are doing better.  Here is an excerpt of this research from the New York Times:

Now, scientists are beginning to learn how memory assists and even amplifies this righteous self-messaging. In piecing together a life story, the mind nudges moral lapses back in time and shunts good deeds forward, these new studies suggest — creating, in effect, a doctored autobiography. Recognizing this tendency in oneself, psychologists say, can both reduce the risk of lapsing into middle-aged sanctimony and increase moral vigilance for when it matters most: the present.

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