Katy Hudson: The Other Katy Perry

Photo from Red Hill Records

A college friend of mine, Tim Koons, recently told me that Katy Perry played a show back at Taylor University in 2001 while we were students there.  I was definitely surprised but wanted to find out more.  How did Katy Perry go from playing at a small Christian college to being a pop idol?

I did a little research and found some interesting tidbits.  Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was a pastor’s kid who grew up singing in church.  As a teenager, she released a self-titled album under the name “Katy Hudson” and joined Bebo Norman on the Big Blue Sky Tour.  That is about the time when she came through Upland and played at Taylor.  Here is an interesting interview with Katy Hudson as a seventeen year old during her days in the Christian music world.  “It’s not that I’m full of myself,” she said. “It’s that I know I’ve been called for a purpose, and that God has had His hand on me.”  Then in 2007, Katy changed her stage name to “Katy Perry” and released the single “Ur So Gay.”

This post is not meant to condemn Katie Perry.  Honestly as I have read through interviews with Katy Hudson, the up and coming Christian musician, it has allowed me to see the current Katy Perry in a different light.  I wonder what led to the transformation from Katy Hudson, the up and coming Christian musician, to Katy Perry, who gets banned from Sesame Street.


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