Waiting for Superman

Now that Anna is in kindergarten in a school district with some pretty interesting dynamics, we are seeing first hand some of the issues in education today.  It seems like education is always a hot topic in the news especially around election time.  Today  a movie highlighting the current education climate, Waiting for Superman, is making waves.  The movie follows five different children as they struggle to succeed in the American educational system.  In big issue discussions on topics like education, we hope to find one magic pill that will fix everything. Maybe if we had enough money our educational system would work.  Maybe if we had more well-trained, creative teachers students would graduate high school. It is hard to say that one thing will fix education in America.

In my mind, it once again comes down to the parents or guardians of the children. We have a big influence on our child’s education even before they go to school. When they are in school, we play a major role in supporting and supplementing what the child is learning at school.  Even with great teachers, innovative curriculum and state of the art facilities, can a child with unsupportive parents succeed?  I would like to see the statistics on a scenario like that.

The hard part of parent involvement in education is that some parents are working two jobs just to pay the rent and come home worn out at night.  The current economic climate and its impact on lower income families makes education tough.

All of this is to say that communities need to rally to support our public schools. Volunteer to read to kids in the classroom.  Bring homemade cookies to the teachers’ lounge.  Send your child’s teacher an encouraging email.  Teachers are saints and we need to let them know that.

Below is the trailer for Waiting for Superman:


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