The TV Families are Back!

This week marks the return of the fall network TV shows.  After a summer of barely surviving off of our Instant Queue on Netflix, Hillary and I are excited for this new season of our favorite TV shows.  After we get the girls down for bed, our guilty pleasure is watching our partners in crime on the TV.  Last year Hillary and I were addicted to ABC’s Modern Family and NBC’s Parenthood.  Modern Family is more in the comedy realm while Parenthood is more drama.

The interesting part about watching shows like this about family life is thinking through our parenting styles.  It allows us to think through how we might parent our daughters when they are teenagers as we watch families on TV struggle with their teenage daughters.  It is not just mindless entertainment but a chance to laugh about the struggles of parenting.  Both of these shows stimulate conversation between Hillary and me related to our marriage and how we parent our daughters.

Hillary and I are also excited about the return of our Thursday night NBC shows. We are tired of The Office but ready for the wacky world of 30 Rock.  It will be interesting to see how Outsourced plays out.  I am hoping that the humor is not just at the expense of stereotyping call center workers in India.  We are just glad that 24 is finished.  That show caused too much stress in our household.


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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