The Danger of Prayer

Prayer is dangerous.  People pray to a God that they cannot see or touch and then wait for a response.  These prayers can be out loud or thinking the conversation in our mind.  The bottom line is that prayer is very subjective.  Religious people make a decision in their mind and then ask for God’s support in prayer.  What does God’s support sound like?  How do we know if it is God’s voice we are hearing in our minds or just our own feelings and thoughts informing what we are thinking?

The reason I bring this up is because of Terry Jones and his publicity stunt down in Florida.  This weekend he said he was going to take some time and pray about whether or not he should go ahead with it.  Not surprisingly, he came back after a weekend of prayer and said he was going ahead with it.  Did Terry Jones hear from God?  He sure thinks so.  Or how do we deal with prophecy?  Those that hear from God about the future.  Isn’t that very subjective as well?  And dangerous?

So my question is this:  How do we test what is truly the voice of God or what is just our own feelings and opinions?  I know for myself I am very careful to not say things like God told us to move to Illinois or put our kids in a certain school.  If you say that God told you something how can someone disagree?  How can the community of faith dialogue with you?  For my part, I do pray on a regular basis and it gives me a deep sense of peace that there is someone bigger than myself with a plan.  But I am very careful not to say that God told me to do something.  There are many ways God can “speak” to us but speaking to us in our minds can be very subjective and dangerous.


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