Mile High to the Silicon Prairie

It has been almost three months since we moved here to Champaign, Illinois from Colorado, so I thought I would share some brief things we have learned about the “Silicon Prairie” as some call it.  Get ready for some broad generalizations with little or no scientific proof.

  • It is humid. We walked outside after a rainstorm expecting it to be a cool 70 degrees and yet it was 90 and humid.  We’re not in Colorado anymore.
  • Cups sweat.  I really hate this.  I get a cold glass of Diet Coke and minutes later there are streams of water pouring off the sides of the glass.
  • Pizza is cut into squares.  Hillary and I love New York style pizza and have now been exposed to what we call “Champaign style” pizza. Three of the major pizza places in town cut pizza into squares.  Seems a little strange.
  • College towns are multicultural.  Soon after moving to Champaign our daughters quickly realized that there are a lot more black people here than in “Vanillaton.”  Where we lived in Littleton was pretty white.  Anna’s kindergarten class is very multicultural which we are very excited about.
  • Jimmy John’s is delicious.  The founder of Jimmy John’s subs is from Champaign so his restaurants are everywhere.  I don’t know exactly what makes them taste so good but they put Subway and Quiznos to shame.
  • Everybody wants a piece of Lincoln.  I knew this growing up in Indiana but remembered it since moving to Illinois.  Towns claim they were the main stomping grounds of Lincoln.  Hillary asked Anna who Lincoln was and Anna said that Lincoln was a youth pastor.

Those are a few of the things we have learned since moving here to Champaign, Illinois.  Every day we are feeling more and more like this is home.


About joelnewton

I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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