My New Stand-up Desk

If you were to walk by my office today, you would notice something peculiar.  You might think that I had put a coffee bar in my office and was serving drinks.  For two and a half years I was on my feet for eight hours a day in my sales job at Apple.  I became so addicted to standing up that I had a hard time sitting in my new office environment.  Today I made the switch.  Now I am standing at my desk eight hours a day instead of sitting down.  I have chosen to buy into the idea that we as humans are meant to stand, not sit.

The benefits of a standup desk are numerous though only a few actually make the jump to the abnormal desk.  First, standing instead of sitting is beneficial for the back.  Second, standing can help a person become more productive.  How many of us have slouched back in our chair and just day dreamed about meaningless stuff?  This is tough to do while standing at your desk.

Today I received some strange looks as I worked at my high desk.  It is abnormal but I am definitely enjoying it.  It is the perfect height for typing and writing.  I have also found that I now have more desk space because the back of my desk is more useable space.

Read more about the strange phenomena of the stand-up desk here.


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