The Nines Conference

In college I started attending Willow Creek’s Evangelism Conference and these conferences were very formative in my calling and leadership development.  Since then I have attended Willow’s Leadership Conference and love the fact that they simulcast their conference to other locales.

This year I have signed up for Leadership Network’s The Nines Conference.  This conference is unique on two levels.  First the entire conference is online.  I don’t have to travel somewhere and stay in a hotel.  Second, the conference is free.  Some might think that because it is free then the quality of the conference is weak.  As I look over the speakers, they are the same as other conferences that charge money (Francis Chan, Alan Hirsch, Rick Warren, Seth Godin, Craig Groeschel and many more).

I love the idea of this conference on many levels.  One of the factors that I have loved about conferences is discussing the ideas with other conference attendees from my church.  With an online conference it would be easy to sit alone in the office and just watch the conference.  To maximize learning and dialogue I will try to convince my other staff members to watch the conference with me and build in dialogue over lunch.

Check out more about the Nines Conference here.


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